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Do you know what histogram is?

Nowadays you can find it in any image editing software also in your camera settings.
Many beginner photographer don t use it because they dont understand what it shows.
The histogram is a tool. It is a graph shaped like a mountain that shows the distribution of light or color components from shadows to light.
This tool can tell you if the image is corectly exposed so it is the easiest way to achieve proper exposure.
If you learn to read the histogram, it can tell you a lot about the quality of your photo
The histogram in your camera represents 256 levels of tonality ranging from the darkest black to the lightest white. It basically breaks down the image into 254 shades of grey, plus pure white and pure black.
The shape of the graph greatly depends on what you are taking pictures of. Snowy scenes, for example, will produce a histogram that should peak towards the right side of the graph due to all the bright tones.
When it comes to daylight scenes, try to expose the scene as close to the right of the graph as possible without clipping the highlights.
The picture is what counts, not the histogram – so make sure to look at the image too.
The graph is based on the tones that would be captured by a JPEG, which means that if you are shooting raw you image will capture more detail in the highlights and shadows than the graph really shows.



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