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Inspired in the Studio

In 2005 or 2006, when I was subscribed to PHOTOMagazine, a magazine dedicated especially to photo enthusiasts, my dream was to get a top camera and take photos similar to those presented in that magazine. The only Romanian photographer who inspired me at that time was Narcis Virgiliu, whose portfolio was built with some nude photos taken in an extraterestrial way, at  the Muddy Volcanoes. I was inspired by him, but the problem was that from inspiration to creation it was a long way. The fact that I had a high-performance camera did not make me a photographer overnight, and I realized that soon after I put my hand on the first DSLR. In connection with this rapid transformation, a friend of mine said, “If you want to become good overnight, you need a few thousand sleepless nights.
I do not remember my first “photo shoot”. Probably should not even call it a “shooting.” Nowadays, for me this term implies a certain initial preparation, a drawn-up shooting plan. At that time, I know for sure that there was no plan. It was just me,  meeting  the person who wanted photos, going to a park or another location and taking hundreds of photos (many of them in similar positions) without thinking too much. This is the beginning for everybody who wants to become a photographer. You are absorbed by the idea of ​​taking pictures and you are loosing the essence. (I will let you imagine yourself what is essential in taking a good picture).
Today I cannot  concept a photo shoot  without a working plan. I know that all items must be set up before taking out the camera. And a successful photo shoot is when you know the number of final photos before the first trigger.

The photo above is one of the latest photo sessions. It was taken in the studio with the help of some 10 kg of tree moss and a few lost insects. The girl in the picture has experience in modeling, the bracelets are from Pandora, the lights are from Elinchrom, the camera model doesn’t matter.



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