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What does a Fashion Photographer do?

As a Fashion Photographer your job is technically to take pictures of clothing and accessories. But in fact a Fashion Photographer’s job goes far beyond that. Through your pictures you create an aura, and sell an image. You work for magazines, Fashion Designers, stores and advertisers to define beauty and style.

Your normal tasks as a Fashion Photographer will involve setting up and running photo shoots, communicating with Fashion Designers so you can best represent their vision, and editing your pictures to polish your product.

For this you need solid knowledge in both aesthetic and technical photographic techniques. You also need a good helping of attitude and authority, as everyone you work with will think their sense of style should be followed. But this is your photo shoot, so dictate your vision and make sure everyone toes the line.

If you enter into the ranks of this esteemed profession you are coming into a culture along with a line of work. You will know the Editors, the Models, the Designers and the history of fashion. And while only some of this knowledge will influence your work, all of it is necessary to survive in your environment. Because this is a work of passion if not obsession. So many people want to work in this position that only the dedicated remain. If that includes you, then don’t be dissuaded! Even if you don’t become a star there are hundreds of jobs that don’t revolve around high-fashion magazines while still giving you the chance to achieve your dream.



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